Who? College students!

What? An online challenge to turn your stresses to successes!

When? The challenge kicks off on Wednesday, February 8th.

Where? Online! This is a FREE and virtual challenge that you can do from the comfort of your own home or on your breaks from class.

Why? College is tough. We all have a lot going on and too much on our agendas. I hate watching people I love struggle and want to give you the tools to be able to enjoy your life. If you want to laugh and have more time for fun, then this challenge is for you!

Do you stress over exams? Wait until 11:00 to turn in your assignment that is due at 11:59? Constantly worry about what you ate, what you are going to wear, or how you will make it in the “real world’? These are the REAL life things that I struggled with when I first started college and I struggled so much that I started to lose sight of who I really was. Over the past year, I have challenged myself and changed my life completely. Now I want to help others do the same!

So, if you are ready to tackle the struggles of time management, stress, procrastination, or self-confidence, then this challenge is for you! During the Kicking College Chaos Challenge, I will share my story with you and what I have learned along the way that sets me up for success.



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College is the time for learning and growth; so why not become an expert in YOU? Make yourself the most important subject during this challenge by learning how to put yourself first.

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