Speak up. Be authentic. Smile. Smile a lot. Use your voice. Be true to you.

I am declaring today my first rebirthday. Today also happens to be World Mental Health Day, how ironic. So, what exactly is a rebirthday? In my mind, I think of my rebirthday as the day where I woke up and started living again, so basically waking up and starting new.

I battled with bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder from my senior year of high school up until what would have been the end of my freshman year of college. For me, this felt like a century. Days seemed like months, and months felt like years. I was miserable.

My transformation/rebirth/new life/whateveryouwanttocallit didn’t happen overnight. I will probably say this in all of my blog posts, but it’s true, it took a lot of time. It took awhile to stabilize after getting off my meds. It took some time to start feeling like myself again after feeling like a walking zombie.

During the summer of 2015, I started getting back into the swing of things, but I still struggled. I was still lost and confused. I didn’t know my purpose or have passions. The major difference was that I was willing, I was starting to wake up.

One year ago, in October of 2015, I got my mojo back. I started laughing, smiling, and dancing. I was excited, and my eyes lit up when I talked about my passions. After going to a retreat in Arizona, I met my life coach and started a transformation class with her. I was so freaking optimistic, and it was fabulous. This opportunity gave me so much positivity. I was unstoppable. I was ready to change my life for the better, and I did just that (and more)!

I honestly feel like one year ago I woke up from the darkest place you could ever imagine and got to start anew with life. I truly feel like I was given a second chance and that is why I declare October my rebirth month.

I have transformed in a million ways since last October. Waking up and transforming is such a beautiful thing. I love every part of my journey, and I am so happy to be where I am today.

I look back on my past and am proud of that I endured. What I went through showed me strength and authentic bravery. I am not remorseful or angry. I don’t feel like I missed out or wish I could get time back. I know it has all served a great purpose.

It takes time to find yourself and find your voice, and there is nothing wrong with that. I encourage you today to make a list of gratitude and stick it under your pillow. If you can’t think of anything, write down what you wish for, give it some good vibes, and tuck it away for the day.

I will leave you with my favorite quote to wrap up World Mental Health Day. “There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path.”