Today, classes resumed and it was freezing. I decided that I needed some chai tea and naturally ended up at my favorite coffee shop. I usually pay with a debit card but today I decided to pay with cash.

This coffee shop always has two tip jars out. Your tip is used to cast your vote for whichever jar you prefer. Questions in the past have been coffee or tea, batman or superman, or which emoji is your favorite.

But today, the question struck a cord with me. The question was are you excited for 2017 or are you afraid of 2017. The word afraid stuck out to me; so much so that I took a retrospective look at the rest of my day.

Questions raced through my head for the next couple of hours. What do I want for 2017? Do I want to stay where I am? Do I want to let fear of elevating consume me? Or do I want to get excited about the new year? I finally realized I have a clear choice in front of me.

I know what jar I chose for 2017, do you?