FullSizeRenderMy dishes don’t define me. I used to let the number of dishes in my sink define how my day would go. I would let the dishes dictate my mood and self-worth.

It may sound silly, but boy is it true. I want you to know that dishes don’t define me, and they shouldn’t define you.

I have worked really hard on shifting my mindset about this. Not to toot my own horn, but I have pretty much mastered this concept internally and with myself. 95% of the time, I am the only one who is around my dishes. So I can waste a lot of energy worrying about if they are done, or I can enjoy my life. I almost always choose to enjoy my life.

Having dirty dishes means that I have cooked healthy, wholesome food. Having dishes means I have nourished my body and soul. Doing the dishes does not define me.

But there is still that other 5%. Sometimes, I have visitors. Most people don’t give a crap about my dishes, and if they do they don’t say anything. But today, someone did say something.

I had a visitor and they made a comment. I let this comment define me. I let this comment dictate my day. So while I have 95% of this situation mastered, I still have a spot to heal.

I needed to take time to dig deeper. I realized that no matter how big or small the situation, it all serves a purpose. Dishes are dishes. They will always be in the sink or in the cabinets. The choice is always mine. I can let those damn dishes define me or I can determine my own destiny: dirty dishes or not.