Green smoothie + cute accessories + appointment with my life coach = a fantastic Friday!

Humans need other humans. We like having tribes and enjoy feeling like we belong. Belonging to someone or something can be hard when you are growing up, especially during your teenage years. Sometimes, we lose our sense of belonging. Sometimes, we feel like we never find it.

For so long I searched for completion. I sought completion out in many forms from friend groups, boyfriends, diagnoses, and even materialistic things. I thought I needed completion. I wanted to feel “perfect” and needed to be complete.

Then it hit me. But it wasn’t like an ah-ha moment or anything like that. It took time, a lot of time. I finally realized that to live a life of purpose, passion, and connection I needed to feel complemented, not completed.

I didn’t need a boyfriend, a fancy outfit, or popularity. What I needed was to realize my worth. What I needed was to enjoy my presence and let that be enough. What I needed were space and acceptance. And with that, I started attracting my tribe. I found where I belong.

I didn’t come into this world with a partner or with a tribe. I came into this world pure and alone (in a good way). I am always loved. Until I fully embraced this, I felt lost. By embracing this wholesome love and state of being, I have opened the doors to a new life full of awesomeness.

Be with those who complement you, not complete you. Say you are eating chocolate and add a spoonful of peanut butter, because it felt right. The peanut butter didn’t complete the chocolate, it was already complete. The peanut butter simply complemented it. You define yourself. You are enough just as you are. You are complete, and you are already a whole, perfect human.

Don’t forget that.