Happy looks better on me.

Happy looks better on me. It really does.Several months ago, I started doing something every day that made me happy. It was a lot of trial and error. When I made the excuse that I didn’t have time, I made time. From my experiences, self-care is vital to my health and happiness. I broke out of my comfort zone and started to change the unhealthy habits that were consuming me.I could list the areas in my life that were unhealthy and out of balance, but I don’t want to go there… What fun would that be? Rather than listing the negatives, I will list the positive changes and actions I have taken to regain balance and happiness.

I unplugged from electronics.
I replaced toxic friendships with healthy ones.
I set healthy boundaries.
I forgave others and myself for past wrongdoings.
I stepped out of my comfort zone for seven days straight.
I got that tattoo I was always afraid to get.
I faced my fears of horses, heights, and small spaces.
I replaced over-eating with intuitive eating.
I chopped off my hair and rocked it.
I bought new shades of lipstick and wore them with confidence.
I started moving my body because it felt good.
I gradually added color into my life.
I booked a flight to my happy place.
I replaced unattainable goals with realistic intentions.
I began going to acupuncture religiously.
I challenged my negative thoughts with witty humor.
I found my voice by speaking up and letting go.
I started doing things because I wanted too, not because I had too.
I let go of the labels and started living by my name.
I started wearing clothes that I LOVED, but society said didn’t “go together.”
I replaced mental blocks with inspiring mantras.
I flooded my bathroom mirror with positive affirmations.
I replaced pop with lemonade and lemonade with water.
I volunteered my time and gave back to my community.
I let good vibes in and love win.

*As you may know, you must not rely on the information on this post as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider.